Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

It's time to be better

First of all let me introduce myself am Vijay from Tamilnadu,India. I am so into Personal Development that there isn’t a day gone by where I haven’t read something to improve myself  and that’s how I get high everyday (lol). And I am super excited about this blog.


I started this blog not to give advice or to teach but to share what I have read  and learned about Personal Development so that you can improve your life one aspect at a time.

It will be practical, actionable knowledge that can immediately boost some aspect of your life so you will start seeing improvements in your overall quality of life. It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.


I’ll keep it as simple as possible and less than five minutes of reading per post. So yeah it just takes five minutes to learn something new.

Why personal development you ask?

It’s hopeless to try and change other people but it is possible to improve yourself.

“We see the world as we are not as it is”

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For things to change, first you must change.

Your circumstances may feel beyond your control, but you can always control what’s going on inside you. And to do that, it’s going to take some work on yourself.

“The key to inner happiness and joy lies within yourself. “

So when you tweak yourself in any aspect, your life changes in some way and am telling you this because I’ve felt and found out myself.

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And when small tweaks done consistently your life will forever shift from stagnant state to a state with some ups and downs but continuous growth state.

And those tweaks are what am gonna give you through this blog. Nothing is set in stone. Your habits, mind-set and personality traits are flexible and subject to change. Once you realize this, your life can start changing for the better.

And remember if you think it’s too late to start,

“It’s never too late to start”

If you don’t first work on yourself, there is no point in working on anything.

You need to work on your thoughts.

  • Question your beliefs.
  • Question your fears.
  • Question your purpose.

And build yourself up to be great!


You can do INCREDIBLE things!

Success starts with developing yourself. Everything else is just the proof showing how well you’ve grown or developed as a person.


No matter what age you are, or what stage in life you are, if the desire to change is there, change is possible.


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Personal development geek,Investor,Medical student and a Blogger :)

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