5 ways to develop Growth Mindset

5 ways to develop Growth Mindset

Here’s the outline of this post.

1.What’s Mindset?

2.How to find which Mindset are you in ?

3. 5 ways to develop Growth Mindset?

1.What’s Mindset?

 A person’s point of view of his environment. In other words one’s perspective.

There are two types of mindset.

  1. Fixed Mindset
  2. Growth Mindset

There is a huge difference between them.How huge are we talking about here? It’s life changing huge.Let me explain in detail.

There was so many stuff that I thought it’s just impossible for me because I didn’t realize that I was having fixed mindset.

And it wasn’t until my mindset changed that I was able to truly understand the lessons all the personal development programs had been trying to teach.

Suddenly, the lessons and their wisdom flooded into me.

I wish the same for you.

The problem with fixed mindset is you cannot think outside the box and you can’t utilize your full potential.

On the other hand with growth mindset you can learn anything faster and grow exponentially because you can unleash your full potential.

Every problem you encounter will have a solution, so there’s no reason to think of failure as anything other than a temporary state of mind.

Whatever mind can conceive and believe it can achieve

Growth mindset changes your perspective of everything around you and your life. So when your perspective changes your life changes.With growth mindset your life will grow inevitably no matter the circumstances.

2.How to find which Mindset are you in ?

Which of the following sentences suits you the most?

Fixed Mindset People:

  1. Talents and Intelligence are fixed and I can’t develop it.
  2. I don’t like to challenge myself and I stick to what I know.
  3. I don’t like to learn new stuff.
  4. When I’m frustrated I give up.
  5. I always ignore criticism and feedbacks.

Growth Mindset People:

  1. I can develop new talents and improve my Intelligence.
  2. I like to challenge myself because it expands who I am.
  3. I always learn something new.
  4. When I’m frustrated I take my time off and think about new strategies to get the results.
  5. I learn from feedbacks and criticism to improve myself.

Think back to the last time you failed.

(Yes, this requires you to admit to failure. Don’t worry; this is just between you and me.)

How did it make you feel? Yes, everyone is disappointed when confronted with a lack of success. But what was your feeling in the next moment?

Did you shrug and figure that you just don’t have a talent for whatever you were attempting(fixed mindset) or did you see it as an opportunity for growth(growth mindset)?

Don’t worry if you have fixed mindset because when you know yourself only then you can develop yourself and that’s how you begin to transform your life.

And if you have Growth Mindset Cheers to you… you’re on the right track and keep on growing.

3.How to develop Growth Mindset?

Develop Growth Mindset

Key takeaway:

“Changing mindset is the first step in any real, meaningful change.The biggest factor that will either help you or hold you back is what’s going on in your own head—your mindset.”

Mindset makes all the difference.

Hope I sparked something in you.

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