5 Steps To Get Anything You Want

5 steps to get anything you want

Follow these 5 Steps and you’re good to go.

1.Decide what you really want (Be absolutely clear about it)

It can be becoming thin or getting good marks in exam or getting out of debt etc…


It’s true that if the goal is important to you no matter how busy you’re somehow you’ll find the time but if its’ not important you’ll make excuses so make sure the goals you decide is what you really want.

2.Deconstruct or breakdown the big goal into smaller goals

If your goal seems too big, the idea of accomplishing it can seem impossible.

But, if you break it down into smaller goals then the big goal all of a sudden seems so much easier.

pablo (1) (1).png

That’s because you’ll start with the smaller, easy tasks, and keep moving forward as you get closer and closer to your end goal (your big goal).

This builds momentum, and will help you get closer and closer to your end goal in smaller, easier steps.

3.Take Action Consistently

Once you break it down into smaller goals next step is to take action and do it consistently.

Do something about what you’re learning no matter what.

Ask yourself,

“Which 20% I should focus on that gives off 80% or more of the outcome I want? “

And focus on that.

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4.Find your excuses

What’s really stopping you from getting what you want?

Write it down.

And now think of ways to eliminate those excuses and write that down.

This is what’s gonna keep you going whenever you make some excuses so make it accessible like keeping it in your phone and in your laptop and as writing in your wall etc..

5.Get enough sleep

If you spend a third of your life doing something, we think it is important to understand it as deeply as possible.

Sleeping well is a very important tool in working out, rebuilding muscle, avoiding getting sick, thinking more clearly, and almost everything else you may want to do.

This is quite obvious because when you sleep well enough both your body and mind will be in optimal state so that you can do what you need to do without feeling burned out or stressed out.


Key takeaway:

  1. Decide what you really want
  2. Breakdown your goal into smaller goals
  3. Take action consistently
  4. Write down your excuses and ways to eliminate them
  5. Get enough sleep

If you enjoyed this post, share it with others. And let me know your thoughts on this below in the comments section.


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