Here’s Why You Should Appreciate The Present Moment

Here's Why You Should Appreciate The Present Moment

Do you worry about the things happened in the past?

Are you having anxiety by thinking about the things that didn’t happen yet?

Or you’re really focusing on the present moment?

Whatever your answer is, for now let’s talk about focusing on the present moment.

I’m a person who mostly focuses on  the future.

And I don’t regret about my past in fact am grateful for what happend in my past. Because it made me who I am today.

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We all spend a good portion of our lives thinking about the past and the future, much to the detriment of dealing with whatever is right in front of us.

Some people call it mindfulness and you can call it whatever you want but focusing on the present moment is a powerful tool that can transform your perspective on life and rid you of your worries and concerns.

So many people worry about either the things that happened in the past or the things which have not happened yet (the future).

I know it’s incredibly hard that we have so many things that disrupts our attention nowadays such as smart phones,internet etc…

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And we need to disconnect from these once in a while and focus on what is actually in front of you and be present in this real world.

So here are some of the ways you can try to be present in the moment.

  • Meditation
    • I know you know this and the chances are you’re not doing it at all or you’re not doing consistently. I know you’re busy and it’s hard to keep up but here’s a tip, you don’t need to do it for half and hour or more. Just do it for 5-10 minutes a day and if possible do it multiple times a day.
  • Writing
    • Write something everyday and it can be anything you like. Just take a paper and pen start scribbling around.
  • Deep breath
    • Take few deep breaths once in a while everyday.
  • Listen to soothing music
    • Grab your headphones and put on some music.Don’t do anything just close your eyes go deep into the music.
  • Yoga

Simply say whatever you do at any moment just be aware of it and just let your thoughts flow through your mind.

Key takeaway:

Our minds are constantly focused on the past or the future, and we’re forgetting that the only time we really have is now.

“Focusing on the present moment relieves you of worries about the past and concerns about the future”

Fully appreciating the present is a matter of pausing and bringing our attention to it.

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