Stop living for others and live for yourself


Every year we’re growing up physically and mentally. We’re constantly evolving.

But yet are you really living your life on your terms? I mean do you get to decide what you wanna do? Think about that for a second.

As we get older and progress through high school, our life becomes defined by the expectations set by other people. Our parents begin to make decisions for us. They decide what activities we do, what time we sleep, what food we eat and much more.

When we’re not with our parents, we have teachers who make a living telling us what to do.We started prioritizing pleasing others over our own wishes and dreams from very early in our life.

“We started valuing ourselves by the praise we receive from others.”

Essentially, we focus on their goals for us, not our own.

It actually gets worse from there.

As we go through school, we start studying for exams and trying to perfect our percentage. Why? Well, because we need to get into good college. Everything about us will be summarized on a few pages and suddenly strangers we’ve never met will read these few pages to determine whether we’re worthy enough to gain admission to their university.

So, now we’re working years and years to impress someone we’ll never even meet!

Isn’t that weird?

Then we actually make it into that so called ‘good college’ and start making a resume so that we can impress a recruiter someday in hopes of getting a job.

Again, we’re working hard to impress others, studying and doing the things that they deem important.Let’s assume that all goes well and we finally get a job. Our days of needing to impress other people are finished, right?

Unfortunately…….Not even close. We’ve actually placed ourselves into this cycle for the rest of our lives.

We’ll get up every morning and go to sleep every night working to impress our boss, praying for a promotion, and hoping to get wealthy through our salary raises.

pablo (1) (1)

Last year I was having a conversation with someone and we were talking about dreams, goals, and success. After about five minutes of conversation, that someone clearly became frustrated and said,

“What’s the point of dreaming big when you’re never going to be able to reach that dream?”

I was speechless.

I could tell that very minute that this person was not alone. It broke my heart to think that there are literally billions of people walking around this world every day with this core belief. They don’t even bother to dream because they realize their entire lives are already committed to someone else’s dreams.

Let me say this now:


So, take a moment right now and ask yourself, are you currently waiting to make your dream real because you’re too busy making the ends meet?

And Here’s the most important question you can ever ask yourself to live a life with no regrets…

pablo (2).png

Be honest. It’s only between you and me.

Many people never master the self-accountability that’s necessary to succeed. So, how do the others do it? Well, they either had a unique upbringing to boost an independent mindset or they’ve invested a lot of time and money in the right education and training.

For me, it was reading the right books. Lucky me, I found it early enough and am still learning.

Today, my goal for you is that you use this post to know all the things that may be holding you back.

Key Takeaway:

pablo (1)

“Take control of your life now and sooner you do it the better”

Do you agree with me on this? Let me know in the comments section below.

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