3 Skills You Must Have Or Develop If You Wanna Be Successful


There are so many skills we need to learn in our life but I think there are three most important skills in other words you must learn and here they are;


As an avid reader, I can’t imagine my life not reading something. Whenever I wait for someone or something and whenever I want to calm myself, I read something. Because of my love of reading I never feel bored because I always have something to read.

There are hundreds of reasons that reading is such a vital, lifelong skill. At the top of the list is simply how enjoyable a good read is. Here’s my favorite, we can temporarily escape from the stressors of our daily lives when we dive into an interesting book or article online.

pablo (1).png

Reading is also one of the best tools to expand your knowledge. There are books and articles available in print and online covering almost any topic you can possibly think of.

At the same time, reading increases your vocabulary, and it helps to motivate you because you can read all about other successful people.

2.Setting Goals

Goal setting is a powerful tool to keep us on the road to success because if we write our desires and aspirations down on paper or keep a digital copy on our computer we take responsibility for trying to achieve them rather than just daydream about them.

The goals you set for yourself must be realistic and clearly identified so that you have the motivation to change.


Feel free to save this picture and use it as a reference when you set up a goal. Just as important as writing down the goal is listing ideas and actions on how to make them happen, including timeframes to bring them to reality.

“Goals create a sense of purpose and direction to our lives. They help keep us motivated and keep the procrastination at bay.”

I make lists of what to do and prioritize them in terms of it’s importance. Lists make me feel like I’m in better control of my life, so when I learned about goal setting years ago, I jumped on board and have never looked back.

3.Communication skills

“The ability to behave well and interact comfortably with others “

You need communication in every area of your life. Life is about the relationships we have with people, and solid communication skills are also the foundation of building strong people skills and better personal and business relationships. There are some words you can use almost immediately which will always leave a good impression on others. They are;


And remember there’s no end in developing your communication skills so work on it consistently. I’m still working on my communication skills too so that I’ll feel more comfortable when I’m in a public setting.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Read something everyday.

  2. Set goals and make plans to achieve them.

  3. Work on your communication skills.

And is there anything else a must have skill in addition to these three? Let me know in the comments section below.

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