6 Tips To Boost Your Happiness

6 Tips To Boost Your Happiness Instantly

Let me ask you something ‘How happy are you with your life, on a scale of 1  (“not at all”) – 10 (“incredibly happy”)?’

If your answer is below seven, then this post is for you.

“Being happy is not as difficult as you might think.”

We’ve been told that happiness comes only after you’ve done a considerable amount of great work and become a huge success. But the truth is when you’re happy only then you can be successful.

1.Do the things that you enjoy doing

When you do something do it because you enjoy doing it regardless of what other people think. May it be singing in the shower(I do it all the time) or dancing in your underpants (you gotta try it yo).

We’re constantly having a conflict with ourselves, a conflict between feelings of self-worth(what you think of yourself) and how well we measure up to others (your thinking of what others think of you).

pablo (1).png

We should all give up trying to make other people happy because it’s impossible to have that level of control over someone else.

2.We’re so lucky to be alive today

Few days ago I came across a study about happiness stating that while there are 7 billion people alive today, there are 108 billion people who have died, which means that 14 out of every 15 people who have ever been born are already deceased.

Aren’t we lucky to be alive?

3.Live with a purpose

Have you ever heard of Okinawans?

Okinawans(people living on the island of Okinawa, in the East China Sea) have the highest life expectancy on Earth, and have no concept of retirement. What they do have is ikigai, which roughly translates to “the reason you wake up in the morning,” and they recognize this as being vital to longevity and quality of life.

“Live a life of purpose”

So find your purpose in life and pursue it.

4.Spend your time wisely

Time should be given a higher value in your life, since we have precious little of it.

What do you value more ?

How much you’re earning or the time you lose by working rather than doing the things that bring you joy?

Be aware of how you are spending your time and how much your time is worth when it’s not being spent doing things that give you joy, meaning and purpose. When you spend time wisely you’ll be happy no matter what.

5.Destress yourself by reducing your choices in life

When you have so many choices in life you need to decide. Making decisions can be stressful. Because every decision requires mental energy, which means it causes some level of stress.

pablo (2).png

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol more than it should. And this chronic triggering of your flight-or-flight response can do major damage to a number of our systems, as our body struggles to maintain a normal balance.

By eliminating or at least reducing your choices you can decrease your stress level and improve your health and save time and increase productivity. And when you do that you inevitably increase your level of happiness.

6.Be yourself

The most important relationship you have in life is with yourself.

pablo (1).png

To be happy, you have to ask yourself what you really want and go for it. Period.

Key Takeaway:

“You already have everything you need to be happy.”

“By doing the things you love and being yourself, you can start enjoying your life and living it to the fullest. “

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