My Morning routine

Here’s what my morning used to look like: As soon as I open my eyes, I just take my phone and respond to the notifications and then move on to the day.

I thought that this is what being proactive meant. But the truth was…

I was not being proactive or productive, I was just being reactive.

My mind was never clear. I was constantly jumping from one thing to another. My brain was pretty much in crisis mode, alway looking for what had to be done next. Because of this, even though I was doing a lot(things that aren’t really important to me), I never actually felt accomplished. I always felt like I was a step behind, trying to keep up, playing catch up.

Starting my day like this was detrimental to the quality of my life.

Then I finally realized that…

My body is at its highest operating potential in the morning and I was giving all of that energy to everyone else’s tasks!

That’s when I started taking control of my mornings with a clear routine.

So now this is what I do!

As soon as I hear the alarm I count backwards from 5 to 1 and when I reach 1, I get up and take a deep breath. Then…

1.Make the bed 

It takes literally less than 3 minutes, and in those 3 minutes you’ve already accomplished something. And it gets you up feeling energized and ready to move on with your day.


When forming your morning routine, use the S.A.V.E.R.S system developed by the success coach Hal Elrod. This acronym will help you include the most important things.



This is to foster gratitude and mindfulness. I do this 5 – 10 minutes and sometimes multiple times a day.

  • Express gratitude for at least 5 things about yourself,personal life and professional life.
  • I personally use Insight timer and 6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani(Omvana app).



Everything you need to know about Affirmation is here.


Visualizations of your ideal life by which I mean imagining exactly what you want to achieve or attain, and then mentally rehearsing what you’ll need to do to achieve or attain it.


For so many people the word ‘Exercise’ sounds so annoying. That’s because we’ve been conditioned to believe that to create drastic change in our lives, we need to expend massive, sustained effort all at once. This is exhausting and rarely works in the long-term.

pablo (1).png

It doesn’t have to be that way and what am trying to say is this do some form of physical activity which involves the whole body and do it for at least 5 minutes per day. It gives you the momentum you need to go deeper.

“Just start small and do the minimum you can per day.”

I know it’s so easy to ignore but the trick to keep it consistent is make it so easy that you can’t say no. That’s it!


“We become the books we read”

Reading is one of the three most important skills you must have. So read something everyday and it can be anything you want. May it be related to personal or professional development.

pablo (1)

You know what’s the best part about reading?

It’s the fact that there are books and articles available in print and online covering almost any topic you can possibly think of.


“A life worth living is a life worth recording.”

Record what you do everyday and review it later to see where you can improve and take action. I usually do this at the end of the day as a part of winding down so that I’ll know what’s the best and worst things I did everyday.

Key Takeaway:

Mornings doesn’t have to be rough. Create a short routine that you love, that provides consistency for feeling grounded, generates momentum for a productive day, and makes you feel like you’ve already won the day!

Silence: 5 minutes
Affirmations: 2-3 minutes
Visualization: 2-3 minutes
Exercise: 5-10 minutes
Reading: 10-20 minutes

It literally just takes half and hour and try this for a week and let me know your thoughts below.

If you do have a morning routine what else you do other than what’s mentioned above and share it in the comments section below.



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