How to make a Great Morning routine?r


First let’s talk about why Morning Routine is so important?

Most mornings, we wake up likely still feeling tired from the night before, and we may even struggle to get out of bed. If you hit snooze, you end up rushing when you finally wake.


Yet, many people don’t see the importance or need to have a morning routine.(not judging)

Everyone wants more time to do the things they care about. But it’s all too easy to let daily chores and obligations distract you and our amount of energy and willpower slowly gets drained away with decisions as the day goes by.

That’s why having a good morning routine is so important.

What exactly is a Great morning routine?

It’s about doing things that matters the most to you but require a little bit of extra self-motivation. These are the kinds of activities that don’t have an immediate payoff but might just change your life in the long run.

For instance, Exercise or Mindfulness or Following a diet which keeps you healthy in the long term but requires little bit of self motivation to do it daily.

How to make a Great Morning routine?


1. Stop saying you aren’t a morning person.

It’s a great excuse but it doesn’t matter. Start your morning routine whenever your morning starts, even if it’s in the afternoon because not all of us start our day in the morning.

2. Wake up on time

The first is to wake up on time everyday. This helps you to regulate your sleep cycle with your body’s internal clock(circadian rhythm).

3. Do some stretching in the bed

Wiggle your toes. Roll your hips from side to side. Stretch your lungs too and take a few deep breaths.

4. Open your curtains

Next, open your curtains the moment you get up not your phone. Natural light exposure helps to kickstart your body’s internal clock.

5. Make your bed

Making your bed not only ensures you’re out of bed, but it also demonstrates discipline and order.

6. Rehydrate your body

Rehydrate your body after you walk out of your bedroom(if you have brushed previous night) or after you brush your teeth.

Staying hydrated not only helps to kickstart your metabolism, but more importantly, after 6-8 hours without any liquid your body needs to rehydrate.

7.Mindfulness and reflection

Am pretty sure you know the benefits of meditation practice. And I personally use Insight timer and Omvana for mindfulness.

Did you know that simply taking an extra 3-5 mins every morning to do intentional reflections and planning for the day can save you hours later in the day?

Intentional reflection gives you motivation and additional drive to do more with the day ahead.

Reflecting helps you to clear your mind, and allows you to think about the long term goals that you’ve set for yourself. So go ahead and look over your to-do list. Prioritize it.

8. Do some workout

Do some light stretches or a quick 5 minute workout even if you’re going to gym later.

Morning stretches or a light workout helps to wake you up from grogginess and limber up. A little physical activity also improves mental health, and reduces tension or body aches that might have developed from the days before.

9. Do the most important thing

May it be something personal or related to your career whatever it is do it first in the morning to make sure you get it done.

Since we’re all individuals with our own preferences, these aren’t what you should do, but just try some of these… it will certainly do you good!  You’ll naturally find that you feel great in the morning… and throughout the day too!

I hope you’ll agree that having a morning routine is the best way to kickstart and ensure that you have a constant flow of energy to help you stay productive throughout the day.

Key Takeaway:

There is no right or wrong morning routine so feel free to experiment. And even if you don’t do anything during your morning routine in the beginning, just show up for it every morning. Then eventually you’ll be consistent with your routine.

“Always put the most important task first so that you ensure it gets done.”

If you find this post helpful please share it and if you have any thoughts feel free to share below in the comments section.

And check out  my morning routine.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a Great Morning routine?r

  1. Making the bed also clears scattered energy up for the day too : )
    I didn’t know about the water. Now I feel bad because I make my body live on coffee til noon. lol I love this post! Thanks for writing it! Going to share it with my littlest’s dad and bookmark it for myself!

    Liked by 1 person

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