Habits – 2

This post is the continuation of Habits -1.

If you haven’t read that yet I want you to read that post first before you go any further because in order to break the bad habits or building good habits you gotta know what’s habit and why it’s so important.

Alright…I hope now you have the idea of what’s habit and how powerful it is let’s move on to the next part.

In this post we’ll talk about:

  1. How to build good habits?
  2. How to break bad habits?

1.How to build good habits?

Here are three strategies you can use to start building up any habit you want.

1.Verbal statements

“If I enter a building, I will take the stairs.”

Use positive statements like “I’ll take the stairs” which is far more effective than “I’m not taking the elevator”.

Say “I don’t” rather than “I can’t”

For instance, if someone offers you cigarette instead of saying ‘I can’t smok say ‘I don’t smoke’ because there are studies showing that I don’t is more effective than I can’t.

2.Make it easy and fun to do

It’s easier to positively shape our lives when we make good habits convenient, so make it easier to do the things you want yourself to be doing.

pablo (1).png

Human behaviour follows the Law of Least Effort. We will naturally gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of work. Therefore, you are more likely to succeed if you create an environment where doing the right thing is as easy as possible.

For example, If you want to exercise, simply set out your workout clothes, shoes, gym bag, and water bottle ahead of time. It makes it so much easier to do the workout. Or if you want to start eating healthy just add some green leaves and fruits to your diet everyday.

3. Start small and be consistent

You create your own habits simply by repeating activities until they get easier and easier. So start small and do the minimum you can everyday because consistency is so important when it comes to building a habit.

TIP : If you slip up, here are 3 ways to get back on track quickly.

“As you build up break habits into small chunks”

Let’s say that you wanna do 50 pushups per day.

Five sets of 10 might be much easier than one set of 50 isn’t it?


2.How to break bad habits?

You can overcome any bad habits because habits are nothing more than neural pathways in the brain.

“Habits get stronger the more they’re used, and deteriorate when neglected”

The first step is be aware of the habits you wanna get rid of which means stepping back from your habits, so you don’t act on them immediately.

“Look at yourself like an outsider, and acknowledge self-destructive behavior”

1.Make it difficult to do things you don’t want yourself to be doing

Let’s face it – most of us are pretty lazy. So if we want to ditch our bad habits, we need to make them as inconvenient and hard as we possibly can.

For instance: If you find yourself watching too much Youtube or in Social media then just delete the apps from your phone. Only use your laptop if you want to see youtube or social media. Sounds so easy right?

So take your phone right now and uninstall those apps if you really want to break the habit.

2. Resist the temptation effectively by distracting yourself

We can start by anticipating and minimizing our exposure to temptation. Doing this is essential to breaking bad habits.

pablo (1)

For instance, just keep those cookies or candies out of sight which reduces your chance of eating them.

Whenever you feel the need to fight off unwelcome thoughts and cravings, try to distract yourself.

Why distract yourself? I heard ya..

Because everyone knows that trying to suppress your thoughts or cravings will only exacerbate them, so a better approach is to shift your focus. That is, to distract yourself.

Key Takeaway:

  1. What’s Habit?
    • Habits are nothing more than neural pathways in the brain.Habits are repeated behaviors with little to no conscious intention.
  2. How it’s formed?
    • Every habit includes a cue, routine, reward.
  3. Why habits are so powerful?
    • No matter how straightedge or in-control you think you are, your life is dominated by habits. Habits play a huge role in our lives. Habits are so resilient which means there is always a risk of relapse.
  4. How to build good habits?
    1. Verbal statements
    2. Make it easy and fun to do
    3. Start small and be consistent and as you build up break habits into small chunks
  5. How to break bad habits?
    1. Make it difficult to do things you don’t want yourself to be doing
    2. Resist the temptation effectively by distracting yourself

If you find this post useful please share it with others and feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.



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