The Secret of Living a Regret-free life!

Secret to live a regret free life

Lots of people don’t think further than the day ahead. They wake up and go through their checklists of what they have to get done that day.

What they’ll be doing a month or year from now rarely crosses their mind. But…

“Long-term planning is vital to success”

That’s why you need to design your life too not just your day.

Whatever your age, background or profession, thinking like a designer and creating a well-designed life can bring you more satisfaction and joy.

So what’s a well designed life?

A well-designed life is one that allows you to be creative, happy and fulfilled. It helps you to avoid feeling stuck and unproductive while providing you with a sense of freedom to change and grow, in both your personal and professional life no matter how old you are.


How do you design your life?

Well…There isn’t any perfect plan. But the following steps are good place to start.

1. Awareness

Assess your current situation meaning ‘where you are right now in your life‘ and think about the future meaning ‘where you wanna be‘.

Answer these questions first and then move on.

2. Tune into beginner’s mind

Once you’ve made the assessment, you know what you need to do to be where you wanna be and start thinking like a beginner and start asking the questions a complete novice would.


If you approach situations with a beginner’s mind and ask the right questions, you’ll reduce the risk of regretting your choices later down the line.

3. Find your energy flow

To live a joyful life, it’s important to know what engages(makes you happy) and disengages you(makes you miserable).

Throughout each day, wherever you are, write down how engaged and focused you feel, also noting if you’re unhappy or bored. Also, jot down what you were doing at the time.

“If you ever emerge from being in the zone and are surprised by how much time has passed, be sure to make note of what you were doing”

These moments are a great indicator of your engagement, and you should keep them in mind when designing both your career and your life.

4. Choose your career wisely

Regardless of your age you can choose the right career if you’re willing to put in enough effort and doing what you’re passionate about.


What’s your philosophy on work?

Everyone has their own ideas about what “good work” means to them and how important money and the societal impact are to their job satisfaction.

So take few minutes to write down what a job means to you.

What’s your philosophy on life?

Meaning your personal values and perspectives on how it should be lived and how important religion is in your life, how you think society should function and what you consider to be moral and just.

So again take few minutes to write down what life means to you.

Key Takeaway:

Most of us have regrets from time to time. Especially having regrets at the end of your life is the worst. So start planning your life and use your days to do the things you need to be where you wanna be.

Start with these steps;

1. Be aware of where you’re and where you wanna be

2. Get to know what you need to do and tune into beginner’s mind 

3. Find your energy flow (do the things that makes you forget the time)

4. Choose your career wisely (30-40 years of your life)

“Be the designer of your own life!”

If you find this post helpful, please share your thoughts below in the comments section and share it with your friends.


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