5 signs that you need to take a break

1. Do you hate your job? If yes…

Have you ever had a job you absolutely loved – until, suddenly, you didn’t anymore?

Sometimes the fun’s simply gone and you find yourself waking up dreading another day in the office.

Or are you overwhelmed of having so much to study?

You might just need a pause.

2. Poor performance

I noticed this myself last week. I struggled to get things done as quickly as I was expected to and checked out mentally during my classes. Overwhelmed and burned out.

Then I realized that I needed a break which I took and after that I felt much better.

“Sometimes to be productive you gotta take a break”

Poor performance and discontent are pretty definite indicators that taking a break might be a good idea.

3. Are you glued to technology? If yes…

Sure, the latest gadgets are great, but overusing them is often a symptom of an underlying problem.

If you notice that you’re addicted to your devices and letting them get in the way of simple pleasures like a walk in the woods or spending an evening with friends, you’re probably ready for a break.

4. Big life changes

There are some life changes which demands time and attention.

For instance, If someone you love asks you for help during a tough period in their life, it’s okay to take a break and be there for them.

“Sometimes being there for them is all they need”

5. Any new opportunities that you’re interested in exploring?

Is there anything new that you’re interested in?

If so then take some time off and go ahead and try it out.

Key Takeaway:

Look out for these signs and ask yourself whether a pause might be right for you.

  1. Hating your job

  2. Poor performance

  3. If you’re addicted to technology

  4. Big life changes

  5. If there’s anything you’re interested in exploring

If so don’t overthink just take a break.

And do you know any other signs in addition to these? Let me know in the comments section below.

If you know anyone who needs a break, Share this post with them.


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