3 Ways You Can Bring Feng Shui Into Your Life

3 ways you can bring Feng Shui into your life

What’s Feng shui?

Feng Shui – English translation – literally ‘Wind-Water’

It is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing our life with the surrounding environment.

Feng Shui gives us a way to decorate our home so it welcomes positive energy. It cultivates “good vibrations” so our surroundings can develop their own natural harmony.

It’s about aligning your home with your life intentions.

If you’re thinking it’s just a superstition, just read till the end.

How do you know it’s presence?

You can tell that it’s working when you wake up refreshed, get things done, and feel a flow and rhythm at home.

And when it’s not working well, low vibrations happens and our energy dips, our enthusiasm takes a hit, and we start to feel stuck in our space.

Here are 3 quick and simple suggestions to get a rush of fresh energy:

1. Lighten up your space

Light symbolizes life force. It’s an instantly gratifying adjustment.

It illuminates, uplifts, and lightens the mood. It also rounds out corners and breathes life into dark spaces.


Keep your windows wide open whenever possible.

When you need guidance navigating obstacles along your path, switch on a few lights with the intention of “seeing what’s ahead.”

And when bulbs burn out, replace them immediately to avoid becoming burned out yourself.

2. Get some fresh living things

Living things disrupt energy obstacles.

Buy some fresh flowers 💐 and houseplants🌱🌵.

Sure, they require a little maintenance, but when we focus on helping something thrive, that investment is reciprocated.

When plants 🌱 and flowers 💐 flourish in our space, they literally breathe life.


You can freshen up your living space by opening windows wide whenever possible, especially after a rainstorm. That drizzle outside – I call them “Mood-boosters”.

Another way to bring on some living energy?

Love and Play with your pets if you have and if you don’t have any pets get one. When they’re healthy, their good cheer is like a little happiness fertilizer.

3. Do something nice for your space every week

Do one nice thing for your space every week until the end of the year.

That’s 52 nice things a year.

Plant things around you that favor happiness. Find artwork or imagery that shows the sun rising.

Place some colors around you liberally, deliberately putting yourself in the way of beauty. Splurge on a bundle of blooms in celebration of yourself and your life.

Choices are endless.

Key Takeaway:

Feng Shui is all about aligning your home with your life intentions. And here are 3 things you can do to harmonize your life.

1. Lighten up your space

2. Get some fresh living things

3. Do something nice for your space every week

If you’re thinking it’s just a superstition go ahead, try it out for few weeks and then let me know how you feel via email <contact@thepersonalmastery.com> or in the comments below.

Are you practicing Feng Shui already? How’s it impacting your life? Let me know in the comments below.

And let’s harmonize People’s lives by sharing this post. Shall we?


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