4 ways to get psyched up to perform better


If you’ve ever experienced performance anxiety then this post is for you.

Sometimes life seems like one long sequence of performances.

So if you want to ensure you put in your best performance try the following 4 practices.

1.Reappraise the situation

Anticipatory anxiousness – commonly known as the fight or flight response – is a physiological reaction to stress.

When you feel threatened, your body produces adrenaline, a hormone that causes an increase in your blood pressure, as well as your heart and respiratory rates. Now, this is helpful if you have to run away or engage in a physical confrontation. It’s not so great, however, when there’s no tangible threat of danger.

Unfortunately, almost any stress can trigger the fight-or-flight response. However, When you’re reappraise the situation you’ll be able to perform way better.

2.Center Yourself

Start breathing deeply.

While concentrating on your breath, release the tension in your muscles. Then imagine that all your body’s energy is concentrated in your physical center, the point just beneath your belly button.

Once it’s all there, release it.

This technique will bring you calm and renewed focus.

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3.Put on some Music

If you had to name the quintessential motivational song, the one most associated with getting psyched up and ready to rumble, which would you choose?

And I think the reason some songs are so motivational because, when listening to them, we begin to move in sync with the beat.

The music may also reduce our perception of exertion, making the workout feel easier than it truly is.

4.Make use of performance contagion

Performance contagion occurs when someone is using an object that he or she believes previously belonged to someone with exceptional skill.

When starting a new, daunting project, consider acquiring such an object from someone who has already succeeded in what you aim to do.

Using it may give you the extra performance boost that you needed.

Key Takeaway:

To ensure that you put in your best performance, try the following 4 practices.

1.Reappraise the situation

2.Center Yourself

3.Put on some Music

4.Make use of performance contagion

If you have anything else in mind in addition to these 4 ways, please let me know in the comments below.

And if you find this post is helpful, please share with others.


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