How To Be Happy Forever?

How to be happy forever

Do you wanna be Happy?



Then get rid of the following 5 things from your Life.

1. Comparing yourself to others

We compare what is happening on other people’s social profiles, to what is happening in our lives.

We are probably being the most unfair to ourselves. When we compare we set ourselves behind.

So how do you stop comparing?

Just remember that you are doing great. And be happy for where you are, for what you have done.

We have our own journeys, and the more we let it unfold while being truly ourselves, the greater, the more fulfilling the experience will be.

2. Being stressed out

Whatever we do we are doing it to be happy so why stressing yourself out. Next time when you feel exhausted just breathe deeply and slowly.

Take some time off then get back to it.

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3. Excuses

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your EXCUSES.

So just go for it.

4. Grudges

I know how hard it is to not having any grudges because I’ve been there. I did have grudges for lot of things but that’s what held me down for a long time. So I decided to forgive and forget.


Because that’s the right thing to do.

So how do you do that?

Take a minute or so everyday when you meditate to forgive whoever or whatever it is and forget about it. And Just move on.

You can't change the past but the present sure you can.

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5. Too many stuff

I see so often people buy stuff they don’t need but to show off (no pun intended).

What happens when you have too much stuff, it’s likely to be messy. You know the saying,

Mess Cause Stress

So go through your stuff and declutter and make it a habit.

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And next time when you wanna buy something ask yourself ‘Do I really need this ?’. In fact it’ll save you some money and your future self will thank you for that.

Key Takeaway:

Get rid of these 5 things to be happy forever.

1. Comparing yourself to others

2. Being stressed out

3. Excuses

4. Grudges

5. Too many stuff

Which one of these 5 you’re gonna take action on today? Let me know in the comments below.

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