How To Get To Inbox Zero?

How to get to Inbox Zero

Have you ever felt frustrated when you see 50 or 5,000 or even 50,000 unread emails in your inbox?

If so, this post is for you.

If you don’t have a simple process for dealing with email, it can take over your life and keep you constantly distracted.

By the end of this post you’ll know exactly what to do to get to inbox zero regardless of the number of emails you have.

1. Apply the Pareto pricinple to Your Email Inbox

Most people treat every email the same and therefore either waste hours on email or letting it accumulate by not doing anything.


Next time when you deal with email, apply the 80/20 rule.

The Pareto Principle aka 80_20 rule says that 20% of something delivers 80% of the results.

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For example,

80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the people.

Same concept for email too.

I mean,

Not every email has the same value, right?

Some emails are more important. Some aren’t.


Spend more time on emails with the highest value and almost none on spams.

2. The 2-Minute Rule

2 Minute Rule - If there's anything you need to do which will take only less than two minutes, just finish it off.

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If you can deal with the email in 2 minutes or less, deal with it right away.

Otherwise, put it on your to-do list so you can prioritize it later and decide when to work on it.

This will help you quickly go through your inbox.

If you get lots of emails, you can adjust it to the “1-minute rule” or even the “30-second rule”. It’s totally up to you.

My point is,

Don’t spend hours in your email inbox.

By putting a time limit in place, you force yourself to go through email quickly and efficiently.

3. Check Email Only Twice If Not Once A Day

This may sound counterproductive, but just think about it.

If you keep your email inbox open all day, it’s easy to get distracted by notifications whenever a new email comes in.

And that’s a surefire way to be unproductive.


I recommend you, only check it twice a day for 25 minutes (Pomodoro Technique) at most each time.

That way you don’t get distracted and the time limit gives you a sense of urgency to deal with emails quickly.

Pro Tip: To keep your inbox clean and resourceful, unsubscribe from anything which isn’t providing you any kind of value. Here’s a tool for that.

Key Takeaway:

1. Apply 80/20 Rule to Your Email Inbox

2. Use the 2 minutes rule 

3. Check Your Emails only twice if not once a day

Apply these 3 tips and you’ll be well on your way to an empty email inbox.

Do you have any other tips or tools to get to the Inbox zero?

Let me know in the comments below!

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