How To Actually Get Stuff Done?

It never seems to be enough time in the day for everything we need or want to do.

Do you agree?

Yes?… then continue reading.

Why does it feel like there’s never enough time?

There are only 24 hours in a day. No one gets more or less than that.

If we want to get more done than is possible in that time, we think it’s not enough, because it didn’t meet our expectation.

If we are satisfied with how much we can do in that time, it’s enough time.

So it’s our expectations of how much we should get done in a day is the deciding factor.

Here are 5 steps to get stuff done.

1. Make a list of things to do

What are the things that have to be done no matter what?

For example, you might list things like: showering, eating, sleeping, buying groceries, cleaning, etc.

You might also have some non-negotiable work things: Exercise, phone calls, reading, etc.

How much time do these take? Approximately if not exactly.

2. Find out how much time you actually have

Let’s say,

8 hours of sleep, 4-5 hours of non-negotiable things.

That leaves you with roughly 11 hours to allot each day.

It might be different for you.

That’s okay. Just find the number.

3. Use that time effectively

How to Use Your Time In The Most Effective Way Possible?

4. Set up time blocks

Now schedule the tasks in your phone.


5. Get to work

In each block, immerse yourself into the task.


If it's important enough to include in our limited day, it’s important enough to give our full attention and devotion to.

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This can help you with that.

Key Takeaway:

Make the list of things to do, prioritize them, schedule time for them in your calendar.

Be absolutely focused in each block, doing exactly what you planned.

Don’t worry about all the things that we’re not doing, but instead start appreciating what we are actually doing.

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3 thoughts on “How To Actually Get Stuff Done?

  1. I like this quote you whipped up: “There are only 24 hours in a day. No one gets more or less than that.” Also, the title. It’s not about getting MORE stuff done. It would seem like it when we compare our life with those who get A LOT done. It’s about getting the ESSENTIAL stuff done; what brings value to our life and allows us to give value to others’ lives. Thanks for this! Those tips do work! Keep writing 😉

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