6 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading

So many of us don’t realize how important and beneficial reading is.

Reading is important because…

From reducing stress to increasing the quality of your life, the benefits of regularly putting time aside to lose ourselves in a good book are profound.

Reading is one of the 3 Skills You Must Have Or Develop If You Wanna Be Successful

If we all knew how good regular reading is for us, perhaps we would make fewer excuses not to do it.

And that’s why,

I’ll tell you the 6 key benefits of reading in this post.

1. Reading keeps your mind sharp

Mental Stimulation is one of the methods of preventing psychological disorders and as we all know, few things are more mentally stimulating than reading.

Unlike watching TV or browsing the internet, reading keeps your brain active and engaged which can slow down the onset of any psychological problems significantly.

It has been found that reading and activities like playing chess or solving puzzles -improves your memory and cognition.

Having said that, shouldn’t we all be prioritizing our reading a little more?

Even reading for a few minutes every day can help.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, reading blogs like The Personal Mastery can help you squeeze in a few minutes, no matter how busy you are.

2. Reading reduces stress and relaxes you

Irrespective of what you’ve chosen to read,

A well-written book can transport you to a completely different place, allowing you a little peace from the stresses of daily life

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Make this a regular habit and you’ll soon find that reading a book after a long day will become your way of becoming calm from the intrusions of the outside world.

By reading a great nonfiction, we can learn a little something that can help us feel we have a handle on whatever the world throws at us.

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3. Reading improves focus and concentration

Most of us are distracted most of the time.

Do you agree?

Studies have found that a book or longer piece of text absorbs our entire focus, making it much less likely that we’ll attempt multitasking, or get distracted easily.


Try regularly reading on your way to work and you’ll find yourself more focused on your key task and your productivity levels will spike up.

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If you’re not up for reading a book, don’t worry — all you need is your phone.

4. Reading can reduce depressive thoughts

Did you know that reading can help you to combat negative or depressive thoughts?

Self-help books have been found to help those who suffer from mild mental illness such as anxiety, depression.


Those books can provide readers with useful tactics for dealing with anxiety and depression.

So reading some self help books could certainly be worth a shot.

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5. Reading makes you more empathetic

This is one of the reasons why I love reading.

We all need to develop more empathy not sympathy

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You may ask…

How can reading increase your empathy for others?

I think by reading about the lives of people who are very different from yourself, your empathy for others naturally increases.

For example, if you knew very little about a particular problem before you read about it, you might struggle to be able to put yourself in the shoes of those who’re experiencing that problem.

However, a good book on the subject could open your eyes to the suffering of others that you have never experienced first-hand.

6. Reading improves your general knowledge

It’s obvious,right?

But we often forget how much reading improves our general knowledge.

Reagrdless of what’s our main interest is, there’s always more out there to learn and absorb than we might have thought.

Key Takeaway:

6 key benefits of reading.

1. Reading keeps your mind sharp

2. Reading reduces stress and relaxes you

3. Reading improves focus and concentration

4. Reading can reduce depressive thoughts

5. Reading makes you more empathetic

6. Reading improves your general knowledge

I can go on and on and on. But the reason I wrote this post is because,

  1. When you know the benefits of something, you’re more likely to do and follow up.
  2. You can share this post to let others know that why we all should be reading regularly.

If you’d like to read regularly, you can follow my blog HERE.

What do you read regularly in non-fiction area?

What’s your favorite book? Who’s your avorite Author?

Let me know in the comments below.



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