About me

Hi, I’m Vijay! I am a Medical Intern, Investor, Personal Growth Addict and a Blogger 🙂


I consume inspirational material everyday. I listen to podcasts. I read books and motivational blogs and do some critical thinking.

External inspiration feeds internal inspiration.

I don’t know how anyone lives without it.

Most people never take the time to examine how they’re really doing in life.

And as a result spend much of their lives struggling, settling for second or third best, and wondering what if?

But not you – because you’re in the right place.

The information you’re going to get from this blog is not only valuable and hopefully inspirational, but is tremendously tactical.

The best thing I can do for the world is to make myself and my life the best it can, because a happy world is made of happy people

What I blog about?

“Bite-Sized info For Optimizing Every Aspect Of Your Life”

It’s quite obvious that I write about Personal Development. I believe that we are here to grow and make the world better place than we found it. My goal is to bring awareness about personal development to as much people as I can.

The question I’m trying to answer through my blog is, “How can we be, do, live better?”

The best way to change the world is in concentric circles: start with yourself and work your way out from there. If you get yourself sorted out, then that is one less person for the world to worry about.

The purpose of this blog is to help you become the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary life .

Why I started this Blog?

I want to make a massive difference in the world by positively changing the way people lead their lives and inspire others.

I want to follow my purpose and my calling. I know I was born to motivate people and help them be the better version of themselves and I’m ready to follow my path.

No matter your situation, self education is how you get ahead.

The best time to get started?

10 years ago.

The second best time?

Right . . . NOW.

If you’d like to pursue a self education, then I want to help you. Click HERE to join The Personal Mastery

Who my blog can help?

  1. For those who are dissatisfied with things as they are.
  2. For those who hear a faint whisper that things can be entirely different.
  3. For those who are willing to challenge their present ideas about life and change them as necessary.

Simply put, this blog will provide guidance, inspiration, support, and wisdom for you to achieve personal goals across all aspects of your life.

Who my blog can not help?

My blog will be of no use to those who are not into developing themselves in any aspect and just want to continue living with no improvements in any part of their life.

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